Mangal the Langoor



Monkey god Hanuman had helped the God Rama in finding his wife Sita, whom Ravana had taken away to his kingdom.




Hanuman flew across the ocean and reached the kingdom of Ravana and introduced himself by giving to Sita the Rama's ring, which he had brought with him. Sita recognised the ring and was very happy to meet Hanuman-the- Rama's-messenger.





From that time we worship the monkey god Hanuman, but are scared of monkeys because they behave like us and want to live with us and share our food. We do not want to share our bananas with monkeys so we want monkeys to go away when they visit our home.

A monkey family with Mama Monkey, Papa Monkey and many children monkeys came to NOIDA. We did not want to say to them that you are not welcome as their ancestor had helped our God Rama and we wanted the monkeys to leave.

We asked Mangal the Langoor to tell the monkeys that they are not welcome in NOIDA.  


Mangal the Langoor came riding the bicycle of his friend Shyam and told the monkeys to leave NOIDA.



Monkeys listened to Mangal the Langoor. But, before leaving for a far away place, the Papa Monkey said to us, "Now your children will miss us, because your children liked the funny faces we made."