Articles of A.N.Maheshwari

Pofessional Profile of Dr. A.N.Maheshwari

Primary Education in Rural Haryana - A Glimpse"

Multidimensional Issues of Higher Education in India

"Beautiful Tree" and "Macaulay's Axe"

Networking of Teacher Education Institutions using Internet and KU-Band Satellite EduSat

Education of a Techno-savvy Child: Threats and Opportunities

e-Learning: Learning with the Internet

Assessment and Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions for Determination and Maintenance of Norms and Standards of Teacher Education Programmes

A Vision for Education and Teacher Education

Rock Art at Bhimbetka

Linkages between basic and higher education - A personal perspective

Quality Improvement in Elementary Teacher Education - An Introduction

Smart Education and use of Direct Media Service for bridging the digital divide

An Experiment in Inset using some emerging Information and Communication Technologies- the challenge of bridging the digital divide

Value Orientation in Teacher Education

Higher Education at Crossroads - Challenges from Within and Without

Teacher Education at Crossroads

68th Convocation of Annamalai University - 10th January 2001

A Vision for Teacher Education for New India

Teachers as Transfromers -6th September 2000

Keynote address for the Virtual Conference 2000 - Orgainsed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

General Education School Curriculum in terms of Life Skills and its Implications for Teacher Education

Teacher Education and Certification in India

Reorienting Teacher Education for Sustainable Development

Convocation Address Delivered at the Khalsa College of Education, Amritsar

Blueprint for Smart Schools

Education for International Understanding in Teacher Education Programme in India

Education of Tribal Children - As I saw in a Van Yatra

S. Chandrasekhar - As I knew him

S. Chandrasekhar - The scientist who worked out how stars find their peace

Education in an Information Age - as seen in Japan

What Children Should Learn at School for Tomorrow's Citizenship

Learning with the Internet

A Paradigm for Making Education Indigenous and Contextual

Smart Schools - A Case for INDIA

Review of NCTE's Curriculum Framework for Teacher EDucation

An Alternative Agenda for Higher Education

An Alternative Agenda for School Education

Challenge of making education in India relevant to an information society

APEID International Seminar - Country Paper INDIA

From Illiteracy to Writing Letters in Four Months - An Innovative Experiment for Girls' Education

Essential Competencies Through Primary Education

General Skills for Effective Adult Citizenship

Geostationary Satellites - Mythology, Science Fiction, Physics

A Programme for Making Education in India Relevant to an Information Age



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